Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Ever Changing Man: The Modfather's Sonik Kicks hits number one.

AS a Paul Weller fan it comes with the territory to see the usual drivel posted online by the forty somethings that listen to any of Weller's newer material with their arms crossed wearing their Fred Perry (not that there is anything remotely wrong with Fred Perry) shaking their head in disgust. The Jam will always remain one of the pinnacle moments in what has been a prolific career for The Modfather (yes look I agree 100% forty somethings). However Paul Weller is an artist content on exploring various styles and as with many of the eleven solo records he has put out, a small amount of time is needed for the music to grow on the listener and grow it most certainly does.

The new album Sonik Kicks shot to number one knocking The Military Wives Choir off of the top spot. The album has a blend of influences that each flow into the next track as the record is played through. Certain stand out tracks showcase the eclectic array of influences such as the reggae/ jazz sounding Study In Blue, the melodic pop anthem that is That Dangerous Age and the Ian Dury style spoken word track Green.

Sonik Kicks sees Weller continue to evolve further than even Charles Darwin could have predicted taking on board influences from the world of electronic music. However different the album sounds in comparison to that last (Wake Up The Nation, 2010) it was the usual suspects back to record the Sonik experience at Weller's Black Barn studios including old favourites Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon, who even tried his hand at playing the Hammond Organ.

Don't threat Weller fans as the eleventh edition to the Weller repertoire is another strong effort resulting in a first class record. He's done it again, all hail The Modfather and his Sonik Kicks.

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